Mothman Pride Flag Sticker

Mothman Pride Flag Sticker

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From Flags For Good

Mothman Rainbow Pride Flag Sticker designed by Flags For Good Employee Morgan Boyer.

✍️  Morgan's Design Notes: Cryptids are weird & in weird spaces, non-normative orientations and identities feel less stigmatized. This can lead to a cycle where there start to be more and more queer and trans people in a space, further claiming it for those communities. And while there will be bigots in every cultural space, circles with “oddball” reputations tend to feel more accepting. I was reading a blog & the blogger put it in a great way— in the event that their identity is challenged in cryptid spaces, they feel like they can better defend it because they’ve got a built in trump card: “you’re going to tell me you believe in Mothman but not gay people?” the idea of homophobia and transphobia existing in cryptid spaces was absurd because those spaces are explicitly built on the premise of accepting things that “normal” society won’t.

A repossession and hijacking of the narrative that the LGBTQ+ community is malicious, or just a cute woodland friend showing pride? You decide.

  • approx. 3.3" x 2"
  • This waterproof sticker ready for sticking on laptops, water bottles, car bumpers, or anywhere else you can think of.

🏳‍🌈 Flags For Good started in early 2020, as a way to channel societal rage and quarantine boredom into something that made a positive impact on our planet. Michael, the founder, also just so happened to be a flag nerd (like have-two-TED-talks level nerd) and was sick of buying flags from companies that also sold, well, let’s just call them “flags for bad."

So Flags For Good was started to:
• Celebrate diverse identities and raise awareness of causes that move humanity in the right direction.
• Donate a portion of each flag sold to a relevant charity or organization making real, positive change.
• Put more flags in the hands of change-makers like you!

In our short history, we’ve been able to donate tens of thousands of dollars to great causes, and now, are getting to be inside awesome stores around the country.