Mending & Alterations

🧵 Come fix your clothes! 🪡

Forager Vintage now offers in-house mending, and we have partnered with Helpful Mig for alterations services!

Which service do you need?


- for quick & simple fixes

- drop-in anytime

- buttons, holes, patches, popped stitching



- for changing size and fit

- appointment only

- hemming, tailoring, taking in or out




If you have something that needs mending, please:

    1. Launder your clothes before bringing them in
    2. Bring your clothes to the shop, during our regular business hours (no appointment needed!)
    3. If you have it, bring matching matching thread/patch/buttons. We might not have the exact color for the repair you need. If you are not concerned about color, you can skip this step
    4. Be prepared to pick up your repair within the next week. We might be able to do it on-the-spot if we are not busy, but no promises!

Estimated* mending price list (common repairs)

Buttons - $2-4 ea

Repair seams - $2-5 ea

Darn/patch hole - $5-15 ea

Repair jeans crotch - $15-25

Repair hem - $5-20

Replacing elastic waistband - $15-25

*Note, prices are dependent on size, material, and complexity.
We can give a better estimate once one of our sewists
can see your project, either when you drop it off or the next day.




If you have something that needs altered or tailored, please reach out to our alterations partner, Helpful Mig!

Mig takes currently appointments at Forager on Tuesdays, or across the street at The Vault on Wednesdays. Reach out to her directly to schedule other times if needed.


Looking for other types of repairs?

Here are some small businesses that have been recommended by our regulars

👞 Shoes/Belts/Bags: Vanek's Shoe Repair
(12460 SW Broadway St, Beaverton, OR 97005)
website | instagram

👞 Shoes/Belts/Bags: Derek's Shoe Repair
(515 SW Broadway #24, Portland, OR 97205)
website |

👔 Tailoring: Duchess Clothier, Appointment Only 
(2505 SE 11th Ave #102, Portland, OR 97202)
website | instagram

👗 Alterations: Maria's Alterations
(12025 SW Allen Blvd, Beaverton, OR 97005)
facebook |

🧶 Sweater/Knit Repair: Village MendingAppointment Only
website | instagram

👖 Denim Restoration: Indigo Proof, Appointment Only
(Portland, Mail-in accepted)
website | instagram

📦 Mail-in repairs: Old Flame Mending
website | instagram