About Us

Thanks so much for stopping by. My name is Hazzel. I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. I've been working on Forager since around 2017, first as an idea, then through online sales, and finally started the Brick & Mortar in 2020.

After a childhood of making things, sewing, and designing, I went to school for fashion design. It was harsh, but I learned along the way that it wasn't where the world needed to be. We studied a lot about sustainability and the effect of the fashion industry on the environment, and what we should do to minimize it.

But no matter where the project led it, it was never enough to me. There was always some negativity, some impact, to creating more. It didn't feel right to create when there is already so much out there going to waste.

I dropped out of college when I realized that I couldn't see myself in that industry (not to mention couldn't afford rent out there anymore) I could stay, waste thousands of dollars on a senior fashion show, and maybe eventually I would land an internship at a big company that I could hope would care about sustainability. But instead, I got out while I could. I started working at a vintage boutique, and over the years I learned about reselling. Beside me the secondhand industry boomed.

This is where the world is.

By shopping secondhand, we can avoid creating more waste, and we can divert more from landfills that plague our environment. There are so many great and beautiful things that exist already, which we can salvage and breathe new life into. 🌎

That is my goal with Forager.

I forage for these forgotten goods.
I collect and curate them, to share with you what neglected beauty is hiding in the world.
To make sustainable shopping more accessible, and a more inspiring experience. 🌻

I am excited to see you come to the shop one day, and hear your story.

Come Forage With Us.